Society Where There
Is Understanding

IAJCC was registered in 2017. After years in the commerce and Business, we realized that there is a gap in mutual trade between Iran and Austria. Traditional business services were simply too complicated, time consuming, and expensive to manage. We wanted to offer a platform that would offer numerous services to those who want to have a better and more successful business cooperation with Iran and Austria.

01. Planning & Strategy

At IAJCC Secretariat, we are continually planning to provide our members with the latest updates, news, and business meetings and forums.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Beyond the growth correlation – if we actively work to increase customer satisfaction, we’re more likely to see an increase in every aspect of our services.


We can educate our customers/attendees about why they should opt for our services and solutions and increase productivity and our events attendance levels, develop high conversion rates and ROI, Build up a long-lasting relationship with our registrants.


We Believe in Best Quality

We believe in giving only the best to our clients and never compromise on quality of our products and services

We Believe in Good Relation

Gaining customers’ trust is the most important thing to do to earn your brand a strong identity.

We Believe in Abilities

Every successful goal that we ever achieve will have one common thing that they require i.e. that we believe in ourself.



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