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IAJCC was registered in 2017. After years in commerce and Business, we realized a gap in mutual trade between Iran and Austria. Traditional business services were too complicated, time-consuming, and expensive to manage. We wanted to offer a platform to benefit those who wish to have better and more successful business cooperation with Iran and Austria.

At IAJCC Secretariat, we continually plan to provide our members with the latest updates, news, business meetings, and networking programs.

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The Iran Austria Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization representing more than 200 businesses. The Chamber assists in administering marketing, commercial services, and retention for the members through professional services with the Iranian and Austrian authorities. The IAJCC works to strengthen the bilateral relations between its members and the Iranian and Austrian companies.


Please contact us or stop by our office in Tehran if you have any questions about our membership, our programs and events, or the community.

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