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Reimagine business with our solutions

All of our services are dedicated to connecting businesses and influencing decision-making. With a dedicated team of professional staff, IAJCC offers a broad range of services to help you develop your business.

Today more than ever, businesses are facing profound change. Data as the second wave of digital transformation and increased connectivity are opening up new possibilities for creating value and differentiation.

Our services include:

  • Networking events
  • Educational workshops, such as marketing techniques or best hiring practices
  • Instructions, booklets, guides, and other valuable resources
  • Business connections, such as directories or partnership opportunities

Resources and Discounts:

IAJCC doesn’t offer companies direct financial help, but the mutual relationship with us may still improve your bottom line. IAJCC may enable partnerships that yield discounts for their members. Business services you need might be available at a lower cost to chamber members, too.


Training Resources to Get Your Business Up and Running


You can’t predict every challenge when starting a new business. You don’t have any context or history to look back on. IAJCC assemble the wisdom of several business owners. We synthesize that wisdom in the form of training resources. These can be simple, such as advice on finding office space.

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