Imports of livestock and poultry feed saw an 11% decline in weight and a 9% decrease in value to reach 14.31 million tons worth $4.29 billion in 11 months to Feb. 18, the news outlet of Iran Feed Grain Importers Union reported.

A total of 9.19 million tons of corns worth $2.31 billion were imported over the period, indicating a 13% and 16% rise in weight and value year-on-year.

Iran imported over 1.7 million tons of barley worth $422.5 million during the 11-month period, which registers a 55% and 56% decline in weight and value when compared with the corresponding period of the year before.

Imports of soybean meal stood at 1.61 million tons worth $693.78 million during the period under review. The figures show a year-on-year decrease of 25% and 26% in weight and value, respectively.

Eleven-month imports of soybeans stood at 1.8 million tons worth $868.45 million, posting a decline of 9% in weight but an increase of 1% in value YOY.

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