Farab Co.

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Since establishment, we have been committed to improving our quality in business; the implementation of projects, the production of products, and the provision of services have been the basis of this company’s activities. Farab Company has always strived to reach quality levels at the highest national and international standards. This goal has tried to promote the tendency to improve quality and excellence in its organization.


Mir Meysam MostafaviCEO-Farab

About Farab

Farab Company, the first producer of cast iron valves in Iran, started its activity in 1986. Following its products’ technical and quality upgrades, the company has produced a complete basket of products. The outcomes of this company cover oil and gas industries, heating and refrigeration facilities, and water and sewage.
Farab’s work system focuses on the customer’s goals and desires, and efficient, skilled, and specialized human resources help accelerate and adjust this system. The staff of Farab Company are related and coordinated groups that take steps to provide the best quality and the lowest price, speed in the delivery of requested products, after-sales service and complete customer satisfaction.

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