Zolal Iran

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About Zolal Iran

This is the story of a family that creates and gives life; those who tried hard to learn together, understand the challenges and turn them into opportunities to develop their country.
Preserving their ancestors' heritage was their goal, and providing all with this gift became their mission; a pure "ZOLAL" gift.
This is the story of Zolal Iran family, which has dedicated itself to significantly improving the engineering and organizational capability of its country's most vital water and wastewater treatment industry over the past three decades.
During this time, thousands of experts assisted in investing, constructing, utilizing and operating tens of large national and international projects, ensuring more than 20 million people access to clean water.
Zolal Iran has always committed to putting human dignity at the top of its approach and wholeheartedly believes that success in the industry can only be achieved through knowledge acquisition, accompanied by hard work.

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