Iran has exported €493 million worth of goods to five European countries in 10 months prior to November 2020, which shows a 7-percent increase compared to the previous year.

According to Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Iran has exported €223.1 million of goods to Germany, €110.3 million to the Netherlands, €84.7 million to Italy, €45.2 million to Spain, and €30.4 to Belgium, which show between 5% to 40% increase compared to the same period previous year.

The main exported goods to the mentioned countries included food products, livestock, chemicals, mineral fuels, industrial goods, and raw material.

Iran’s imported goods from the five European countries were worth about €2.372 billion: €1.2276 billion from Germany, €474.7 million from Italy, €298.5 million from the Netherlands, €206.6 from France, €165.4 million from Spain, which show between 5% to 40% increase compared to the same period previous year.

Iran’s main imported goods from the mentioned countries included machinery, transport equipment, chemicals, food, livestock, industrial goods, and raw material.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic and the US sanctions, trade has been on the fall since the first months of 2020.

Iran has traded 110 million tons of goods worth of about $52 billion with other countries in the first nine months of the Iranian year (starting on December 20). Iran’s export has been 58.2 million tons ($25.1 billion) and its import has been 25 million tons ($26.8 billion).

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