Tehran– The statistics of Iranian Customs Office show that export of mining products of Iran has kept growing in recent months and manged to hit $ 1.29 billion in just one month, which is the highest level in the country’s history.

According to the statistics of Iran’s customs, the growth of production in March and April 2021 coincided with an increase in global prices, which was the main reasons for the growth in Iran’s exports of mining and mineral industries products.

According to statistics, exports of this field have increased by 465 % since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2021.

Import in the field of mining industry in June 2021 was $ 276 million, which does not show a significant change compared to the previous months.

Accordingly, in June 2021, steel export accounted for 65.9%, copper for 11.6%, zinc for 3.2%, sponge iron for 3%, aluminum for 2.9%, cement for 2%, pellets for 1.4%, and other products for 10% of Iran’s exports to other countries.

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