Iran is a major seafood producer in the region, with trout, caviar and shrimp currently being the main exported products of the fisheries sector

Iran exported 114,000 tons of seafood worth $400 million in the 10-month period to Jan. 19, indicating a 4% rise in weight and a 6% increase in value compared with the same period of the year before, says Isa Golshahi, an official with Iran Fisheries Organization.

“With the opening of two dried fish and small dried fish producing plants this year [started March 2020], another item was added to the country’s export basket. A total of 18,000 tons of dried fish worth $18 million were exported over the period. Oman, Myanmar and Malaysia are new export destinations of Iranian seafood this year,” he was quoted as saying by IRNA.

Exports of non-halal fish, including cutlass fish, squid and catfish, hit 29,000 tons worth $73 million in the 10-month period and exports of farmed shrimp reached 14,500 tons.

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